Playing Golf with your Milan Escort

With such tight real estate in Europe, especially with its bigger and older cities, it’s a surprise to many that some of these locations have not only an abundance of golf courses, but quality ones at that. Golf is just as popular in pockets of Europe as it is in Unites States, so naturally there should be golf courses to facilitate the aspiring professionals and recreational golfers.

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Milan is different, in that is has safeguarded parts of the city to develop into golf courses. In this article there will be an outline of the best courses to go to, which can be useful on that short stay in Milan.

Golf Club Milano is the city’s quintessential course, and professionals like Matteo Manessaro have groomed their games here with nothing but great things to say about the course quality and conditions. Italy’s weather is such that golf is ostensibly and ideal game to play there; except the aforementioned land to build golf courses has been the biggest challenge. Golf Club Milano is located at Viale Mulini San Giorgio, Parco Reale di Monza.

There is one particular course which is widely agreed to be the best in Italy, and Milan escorts know it as BiellaBiella is a ways out of the greater Milan area, but the commute is well-worth the pay-off on the links, even if the tee time is early as it is. Special accommodation plans might be up for consideration, as escorts in Milan warn against driving while fatigued; the roads in Italy are tight and narrow, and traffic runs pretty hectic there at times.

Herika, Milan Escort

Herika – Blonde Milan Escort

For a course a bit closer to Milan escorts territory, Verdura is an excellent choice. It doesn’t rank much further behind the likes of the Italian heavyweights like Biella and Royal Park I Roveri, and tee times are generally easier to dictate here. Verdura is considered a hidden gem of Northwest Italy, as membership rates don’t reflect the high quality of the course. Firm fairways, soft greens, and spectacular views headline this course. Directions to Verdura are found with Milan escort agencies.

Villa d’Este is famous for its scenic views, and within the golf community, men and women are quick to brag to their peers who share passion for the game, that they golfed in such a beautiful location. Some have even come away swearing that Pebble Beach didn’t compare in terms of golf environment. Either way, Italy seems to offer tremendous value when its green fees are considered. Milan escorts like to role play as the caddy. The women also like to dress in their custom golf apparel, as pageantry is a large part of the game for them.