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For the upper-echelon of the hospitality industry in cities like Paris, Milan, and Rome, the 20th century was about class, like it was having rooms which contained chandeliers, fine marble or granite floors, and immaculate bathrooms and counter tops. The 21st century still hold value on such elements, but wise hotel chains have incorporated a level of convenience, amenities, and technology.

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In the year 2012, it’s rare that the majority of people can be separated from their television shows for more than a couple weeks or days. Hilton has aimed to replace older televisions with new ones, not to mention they increased their cable packages and pay-per-view movie selections. Milan has incorporated much of these ideals as they were one of the first cities to revise the classical luxury suites.

High Class Milan Escort
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UNA Maison Milano typifies the cutting-edge in 21st century hotel suite design, as not only does it have sleek, modern arrangements, there are forty-five inch, high-definition television screens in each room. The effect has been to captivate an American visitor into a televised San Siro football match, when the American man had previously sworn against the sport. It’s experiences like these that are met with rave reviews, and the planners at UNA Maison Milano were innovative enough to realize such. Tripadvisor ranked the hotel third best in the city of Milan.

Camperio House Suites & Apartments has been hailed as a smart setup because of it’s convenient location, green features, and overall low maintenance to the suites themselves. The suites also lend more of an estate feel than a hotel one, and it translates well to the Italian vacation experience, like a villa for a couple to stay in while in the country. Upgrades to more spacious suites are available, and at Camperio House Suites & Apartments, escorts in Milan tend to relax and open up more, especially if the patron orders bottle service to the room.

High Class Milan Escort

Il Girasole is a similar Italian estate experience, and Milan escort agencies rank it as the most underrated place to stay in Milan. Direction to Il Girasole are found with escort Milan women. Guests on extended stays here almost forget their stay is temporary. Italy is very welcoming, and because of the ample sunlight, the environment casts a spell of sorts on many of its visitors. Sun rays are known to be therapeutic, and it’s no surprise why Italian immigrants always wanted to eventually return to Italy, after earning sufficient money. Escorts in Milan have many distant relatives who checked into American immigration offices in Ellis Island, New York. Most of those immigrants however were from Southern Italy, in place like Naples and Sicily. Milan escort women don’t understand the complaints about the pitch in San Siro.High Class Milan Escort