Interview with Chloe Boulez, Las Vegas Escort

When you think of Las Vegas, escorts are just one of the many pleasures the sinful city holds that comes to mind.  Bright lights, beautiful girls twirling around poles, phenomenal food, and the constant flow of libations make this the most entertaining city by pure circumstance.

All of this can be arranged with little advance planning, including your meeting with that one special woman you’ve been following online – and for many gentleman, that woman is Chloe Boulez. 

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-03 If you’re looking for a Las Vegas Escort with a high fashion model body,
sparkling personality, and killer performance, you’re looking for
Chloë Boulez

Hailing from the most fashionable of the Texas cities, Dallas, and working her way through Chicago and Los Angeles, Chloe returned after a European vacation to settle in Las Vegas.  Her sparkle and effervescence coupled with real affection and a sexual energy that many recounted through her reviews make her the perfect choice for discerning gentlemen looking for a surprisingly affordable escort in a city of fake and flakes.

We sat down for an interview with “the one, the only, Chloe Boulez” Las Vegas’ newest escort sensation.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Well as a little girl, I was still deeply religious and wanted to be a missionary somewhere in a 3rd world country.  Or a housewife – which is still my ultimate goal!  I love taking care of the people around me, which in a way is what an escort is really about.

Do you parents know what you do for a living? Are they cool with it?

Yes they do – they still love me, but they definitely wish I’d chosen a more socially accepted profession – it’s always a source of tension, but they haven’t financially supported me since I finished college, so it’s really nothing for them to complain about.

What about your friends? 

I’m really lucky to have friends that are intrigued and open about sex work.  My male friends are particularly curious, and my female friends have expressed that were it not for parents and boyfriends, they’d join me in adult work too.  I’m blessed to know sexually evolved people, that’s for sure!

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-04Can you tell us a bit about your first escort job?

When I first started, I was with what I found out was a bait and switch agency – it was a mess!  He was mid 30s, very attractive – but doing a lot of drugs, and he had apparently called another girl to come too!  I’d never been with a woman, and neither of them were making any moves, so I just sort of took over sexually, enjoyed myself, and when the time was up, got out of there.  It was definitely memorable, and showed me that being myself would always be fun and comfortable, even in an unsavory situation.

Do you ever get nervous before meeting a client? Is it kind of like preparing for a first date?

No I don’t – in fact, I don’t ever get nervous preparing for a first date.  My clients are so well groomed and prepared for our meetings, my only concerns are ever being on time and making sure I leave my client pleased beyond measure.

You describe yourself as a girlfriend experience (GFE) escort. Do you find it hard to draw a personal/work balance, or do you take on a different role when you’re working? 


las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-09To me, a girlfriend experience is not a collection of acts considered to be the base requirements.  A girlfriend experience to me means that I treat you in every way as my equal in our relationship – I value your time, your money, your personal desires and freedoms, and do my best to be accommodating.  I’ve never met a rude or disrespectful client, and in fact I’ve never met a client I didn’t find it easy to spend time with.  I love men and I seem to attract the perfect men for me – intelligent, interesting, funny, and successful – each one is unique, but also easy to fall in love with, even for just an hour.  The difficulty for most girls (I’m told) is walking out the door and remaining a professional – I suppose I’m lucky to have always been a lover of one-night-stands but retain the ability to be friends, so it’s actually very natural for me to have a mind-blowing experience with a client yet maintain the composure to walk out the door and wait for him to contact me again.  Many clients elect to keep their distance and drop me a note later, while others seem to long for me the moment I leave – I give each client enough of myself to ensure they know I truly do care for them, while maintaining a professional distance, so that the No Strings Attached policy of the hobbying community remains.

What’s the best bit about being an escort?

A lot of times I would say the money is the best, but that’s only part of the struggle.  If I had made as much money designing lingerie as I do as an escort, I don’t think I’d be nearly as fulfilled.  I think it’s the combination of appropriate compensation, the opportunity to be my most raw, sexual self, and the clientele.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times – the men I’ve met in the hobby are the best people I’ve ever met – they accept me as a sexual being, and treat me as an equal, which is more than I can say for most people I’ve met.

And the worst?

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-12Dating.  It is impossible to date when escorting, unless you keep it from your partner, and I’m a terrible liar so that is not an option!  And of course as a professional, the number one rule is not to fall in love with a client.  So, you have to either put your personal life on hold or live with yourself lying to the closest person to you.  I’m very lucky to have close relationships with clients who I consider mentors – it’s much easier to forgo dating when you’re releasing sexual energy at work and fulfilled in your personal life – particularly with clients who have become dear friends.

What sort of personality qualities does someone need to possess to be a successful escort?

Escorting requires the ability to maintain a high level of preparedness (manicured nails, perfectly coifed hair, immaculate wardrobe, etc.) as well as a high level of sexual performance.  Any girl can perform, but few can perform on command and incite passion in a near stranger.  All of that makes an escort.  A successful escort has a few more key ingredients – drive and professionalism.  Drive will get you out of the house for that middle of the night appointment, and professionalism will hold the whole package together, from screening and marketing to presentation and performance.

Has being an escort changed your view of men?

It has!  Growing up, I had some pretty messed up views of men.  I was raised to think women ought to be submissive to men, and that women were to be chaste and sacred and basically put up on a pedestal.  When I discovered myself sexually in college, I found that I could be a naughty and raunchy as the men I knew, and then when I started escorting, I found that compared to the men who did not see escorts, hobbyists were the most feminist men I’d ever met.  They believed in my right to earn a fair wage in the one industry where women are paid more than men, and they knew that women can be just as irreverent and sexual as men without losing their value as people.  Basically, escorting helped me discover more of myself and with it, a better view of men.

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-15Do you have a list of clients that you see regularly that you have formed a special bond with? Would you feel ‘cheated’ if they saw another girl like how hairdressers get mad at you if you get your hair cut somewhere else?

It would be difficult to say I haven’t formed a special bond with every one of my clients – I remember them all, and usually even the details like what I was wearing and exactly what we talked about.  But I would never feel cheated on.  There are so many better things to complain about, especially since variety is the spice of life and I’d like all my clients to experience variety in their hobbying life.

How often do you work per week? 

It really varies from week to week.  Some weeks I work as often as possible, turning down invitations in my personal life to meet that one client with the fetish I enjoy, or to reunite with a close client I’ve been missing.  Other weeks I take a more leisurely approach – it really all depends!  But generally, I try to meet as many clients as I can – I know I have some clients who have been following me online for months or years and I just don’t have the heart to reschedule – I’m a sucker for making my clients feel like kings!

How long have you been working as an escort?

About 14 months, off an on.  I took a year off last year to travel with a very close client in Europe, and ended up staying much longer than planned!  I had worked very hard the year before and felt I deserved a break.  When I first started working, I only lasted a few months before taking break.  I definitely think it is important to know your limits and take a break when you think you need it.  Too many girls continue working when they’re not in the right mindset and end up ruining their reputations based off a few out of character moments.

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-16How did you begin doing this kind of work, & what drove you to begin?

Sex work wasn’t terribly new to me when I began escorting – I’d already explored webcamming and was seriously considering adult film work, and a series of circumstances led me to escorting.  The money was the driving force in the beginning, but it quickly became the most thrilling activity I had ever participated in, and that feeling continues to this day.

Are you open about being an escort? Why or why not?

As a terrible liar, I am as open as I can be about my work.  When I lived in Chicago, I was notoriously bad at answering questions about how I could afford to spend thousands at the Chanel makeup counter and plop down just under $30k for a brand new car – stories I’ve told when caught off guard include that I run a “babysitting ring” (what in the world is that?) and that my “boyfriend” pays for everything – it always sounded shady!  Now I just tell people I’m a model.  All my hair and makeup people know what I do now – after all they’re professionals and best able to help me if they know my end goals.

What does an “average” day look like for you?

I usually wake up anywhere between 6-9am depending on what time I fell asleep.  I start answering emails right away, check the stats on my website to see where visits are coming from, and check in on Twitter.  Some days I don’t have any appointments, and other days I start at noon, it just depends.  When I have an appointment, I jump in the shower and start the long process of shaving, moisturizing, blowing-out, curling, etc. so that I’m perfectly groomed for my first client.  This process usually also includes some “personal” time so that I’m primed and eager to sensually please whomever will be enjoying me first – the first orgasm of the day is the least intense, and I prefer to make sure my clients always get the best from me.  On days where I don’t meet clients, I do regular errands like grocery shopping, cleaning my house, walking my dog, and administrative tasks like advertising, adding features and improvements to my website, and research.  When it’s time for an appointment, I leave at least thirty minutes before I’m supposed to according to Google (this is especially important when I’m in a new city! I pride myself on rarely being late) and finish my primping in the car.  I do my best to stay away from any and all drama so that my clients get the most refreshed but real version of myself when they open the door.  Each one deserve superstar treatment!  After an appointment I go home and clean up, and continue with the administrative or personal tasks.  It’s all very normal and boring, unless I’m spending the day in bed partaking in my few personal vices and watching pornography.

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-17Is there much of a community around working as an escort? Have you formed friendships with other women at your agency? Who do you look to for guidance or help?

I have always been a huge fan of women supporting women.  I helped start the Los Angles meet up groups for, and I also instigated regular brunches among providers in Chicago.  So many little things add up to make a great provider, and I believe every woman should have the opportunity to meet with others and share tips for safety, beauty, and more.  This business has far more to do with stability and delivery than competition, so I try my best to play nice with everyone.

How often do you feel attracted to the men you’re seeing? Does that affect the quality of your work?

Every man I’ve meet in this business has at least a few qualities I find attractive.  The basics are simple, like screening painlessly and being a gentleman when we meet.  Others are quite funny, some are intensely passionate about a variety of topics, and still others are drop dead gorgeous – and there are many prince charmings in the bunch!  I don’t think it affects the quality of my work.  I’ve always been a tricky woman in that superficial niceties don’t faze me – I demand a person of substance, and lucky all of my clients have the ability to ignite that passion in my eyes that they find so enthralling.

Have you established many boundaries around what you are & are not comfortable doing?

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-21There are few boundaries in Chloe Boulez’s world, and they are so crass I won’t even mention them!  Generally, I find that all sexual acts, so long as they do not do permanent damage to either party involved, are more than okay, they are encouraged.  This allows myself and my client to be as open and creative as our minds allow, and develops not only a genuine connection but an unforgettable experience every time.

What are the misconceptions about the work you do?

Lots of people think escorts aren’t clean or safe.  The truth is, if you know any men at all, they’ve either seen an escort or thought about it, and the ones that have, you’d never know.  I remember when I first had a client who was engaged and recognized that I simply fulfilled the need his fiancée couldn’t – I was completely open sexually and allowed him to explore every nook and cranny – it’s a much more exploratory profession that you’d think, the escorts are simply the canvas.

How do you ensure your safety while working? (Condoms, phonecalls, etc.)

I always keep many sizes and materials of condoms handy – latex allergy is becoming more common and it is important to always be prepared!  I am very particular about the brands I use.  Condom failure happens for only a few reasons, and using a trusted brand regularly in the proper size ensures the lowest odds of an accident.  I screen each client thoroughly through a variety of methods – I’ll never take an appointment if I can’t be completely certain I’m going to be safe.  I “check-in” with a friend purely as a safety net mostly for their mental well-being.

Do you have a partner or significant other? If so, how does your work fit in around that? If not, are you interested in dating? Do you have a contingency plan for when this happens?

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-21I don’t have a significant other, but I do have a collection of close male clients who I see off-the-clock – they afford the same or a higher level of lifestyle as I do, and have just as busy of schedules, so when we do get together, it’s truly an aligning of the stars.  There are few people who can capture my attention regularly in a fashion that I find irresistible, and those are the few that I spend my personal time with.

Is working as an escort helping you to achieve an ultimate goal — like for example, saving a certain amount of money? Or do you stay on because you’re interested & enjoying the work?

When I started working, the goal was the pay rent.  Now I have loftier goals – I’d love to have a cabin in the mountains and a place on the beach.  But more than that, I feel a passion welling inside me to be the best I can be and create memorable moments for my clients – I’ve left and returned and always felt that the hobby drew me back in.

What would you say to your best friend if she expressed interest in getting into sex work?

We’ve actually discussed this!  I’ve been honest with her, telling her that she can do the work now as she is and probably do well, but I’ve also told her that the work requires true introspection and a level of love and acceptance that few can muster.  I would love to have her join me, but I also love that she has her own passions and talents.  Mostly I’m just glad she accepts me and welcomes my tips and tricks and fun stories!

Do you think you’ll do this for a long time?

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-24I’ve probably got another decade of working available to me since I look so young.  I don’t intend to get jaded, and I don’t intend to quit unless I really want to.

There are a lot of escorts in Vegas; how do you rise above the completion?

I’m lucky to have developed a following in Chicago where I started.  I seemed to fill a niche in the market, and my prices were just on the right side of affordable to gather a large number of very loyal clientele.  When a fake review popped up while I was in Europe, I can’t tell you how flooded my inbox was with close friends alerting me and admirers aching to see me and jumping at the chance that I might be available again.  For me, the key is just to be myself, be professional, and treat every client like a king!

las-vegas-escort-chloe-boulez-below-04What is the most memorable event you have ever attended as an escort?

I’ll never forget my very first Meet & Greet in Chicago.  I was working with the bait and switch agency and had already developed my first website and photos – I was all ready to go, but without reviews no client would book with me, and without reviews I couldn’t join the sites necessary to screen and advertise!  I was lucky to discover that a Meet & Greet was coming up, and did everything I could to prove my legitimacy to the host.  I must have been impressive, because I met a few very close friends at the party, and the rest is history.

What else do you do in the adult industry?

I used to be a webcam girl, and now I’m exploring the adult film industry again.  I’ve been signed with a talent agency in Los Angeles, and I really can’t wait to get started!

Do you believe prostitution should be legal?

This is always a tricky topic – many girls prefer the illegal nature of the business because it creates a marketplace of smoke & mirrors, and artificially high prices.  I for one would love for prostitution to be legal – its illegal status really just persecutes sexual people, and the regulation would be welcome in an industry rampant with regulation problems.  I just don’t think it should be legalized until we’ve got a good system figured out.  Canada hasn’t perfected it yet, but Australia has, so that’s the model I think America should follow.

What do you like about living in Vegas?

I’ve only been here about a week so far, but my initial impressions are that I love the weather and the food!  My biggest complaint with Chicago was the poor selection of fresh fruits and vegetables – I love to cook so access to produce that doesn’t wilt within a few days is key if you want to impress a palate or two!  The sushi here is phenomenal, and the driving isn’t so bad once you get used to it (lots of streets have signs placed oddly, but aren’t labeled on Google Maps!