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Like most Italian cities, Milan has established a reputation whereby tourists automatically expect an availability of four star hotels. It’s a blessing and a curse for big cities, as prestige is maintained, but not without the alienation of tourists on more of an economy budget. Luckily, Milan has the best of both worlds in this regard, as the city is well-stocked with hotels of every rating, including hostels for the youth, Milan escorts refuse to rendezvous with a client at a hostel, similar to how shops have a “no shirt, no shoes, no service policy”. It is to great benefit to the patron to bring a Milan escort to a reputable hotel anyhow, as the experience can be unforgettable.

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Hotel Straf is a quirky but elegant and upscale hotel that strives to provide all of the exquisite service that visitors expect out of Italian high-culture. Tips for all of the service employees is highly recommended, and virtually every other department will be taken care of. Escorts in Milan have influence as well, as sex appeal applies nowhere greater than it does in Italy, and out of convenience, a woman can sometimes make up a story that the patron is just her Father. It’s all in order to receive fringe benefits, and most patrons appreciate this effort in escort Milan women immensely. Hotel Straf is located at Via San Raffaele, 3, Milan.


Via Monte Napoleone is not just a famous street in Milan, but it signifies possibly the classiest hotel in the city which is situated there as well. The brunt of guests in this establishment are visitors of Duomo Cathedral and other rich pieces of Italian history. The business is technically referred to as Hotel Manzoni, and all employees here speak English because the bulk of business is from the United Kingdom. This is applies to Escorts in Milan as well, as they’re accustomed to English patrons. The hotel has a wellness center which includes a spa, and a restaurant at Hotel Manzoni which features typical Milanese dishes. If all suites are booked solid, check out Hotel Bernina, which offers comparable service and class, and one which Milan escorts recognize as sophisticated.

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Directions to Hotel Spadari Al Duomo are provided with Milan escort agencies. The city has a long list of classy hotels which are competitive, hence they offer extensively great service, and wish for nothing more than good references. They’re received much like the city overall, in that it grows on its visitors, and Milan attracts guests in momentous and repeat fashion, unlike the global and perpetual hype of European cities like London and Paris.