Alena is a mystical beauty from Eastern Europe who has skills in the bedroom.

Minimum 2 Hours

Alena has a charm and effect that is hypnotic to men, and thankfully she is well-intentioned despite having an extremely naughty side. Alena has mastered the art of sexual tension and mental arousal which only builds to an enormous climax in her dates. She is a performer, and conducts a subtle but potent show while her unknowing guests await the surprise of their sensual lives. Alena likes to penetrate the mind of her date, in efforts to uncover his greatest fantasies. Her main objective is bring fantasy into reality, and that is just what she does in Milan – where her name precedes her as the quintessential GFE escort.

Alena has a masterful style about her, with subtleties that appeal to the male subconscious. Everything from the highlights in her luscious hair to the nuances of her fashion sense culminate to into an arousing sight for any gentleman with a pulse. As if Alena didn’t have enough charm going for her; she made it completely unfair for other women when she perfected her fitness, sculpted her core and toned her inner thighs and buttocks. Gentlemen of Milan had previously never seen such a majestic and complete example of feminine beauty. Alena indeed brings an original brand of sexiness and beauty to Milan, where she offers GFE and elite escort service.

Luxury Companion and Management

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