About Alice VIP London Escort 

Alice is a classy runway model who everyone wants to be with.

She is a typical European model in that her fashion is remarkable, and has that Eastern European beauty men long for. Alice’s hair compliments her skin tone nicely, just as her fashion sense does her slender, petite frame. She works hard in the gym which gives her the tireless energy to work hard at her night job. Alice specializes in role playing and anything else that fits in the GFE category. Many women in London of her beauty caliber are unapproachable, giving men the impression that courting them is a futile undertaking. But Alice is affable, approachable, and makes gentlemen feel as though they are the prize. This is the essence of GFE service, and Alice provides it in London. She will make you feel special as well as feel other pleasures and satisfactions.

On your travels in London, she can accompany you wherever you go, including your hotel room. Alice is curious and adventurous, and she might being out these qualities in you as well. She can also make you feel like a young lover again with an infusion of her own exuberance. Alice has a positive, friendly disposition which is infectious to anyone she meets. It’s been said that being in her company is therapeutic, much like a massage or warm bath. Experience Alice’s warmth and beauty by calling her for a date.

Luxury Companion and Management

You can call our agency on +44 203 529 6979 between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week.

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