Amira: Brunette London Escort

Amira is the epitome of the perfect companion. With a beautiful smile, a stunning figure and a charm that is enough to tempt even the pickiest of clients, don’t put off spending time with this stunning escort. She won’t be alone for long.

At twenty-five years old Amira is in her physical prime, and she enjoys nothing more than expressing youthful energy with classy gentlemen. In London, Amira goes shopping often but often wears shades doing it, and moves swiftly. This is to retain the anonymity that has helped her since her brand exploded in London. Early in her escort career, she marketed herself in London, and the reaction was enormous and fervent.

Amira has not only typical model beauty but an ethereal quality to her look that makes the hearts of fellows proverbial melt. Amira realized quickly though that she could not please everybody who inquired about her services; not even close. This is why Amira now offers GFE service in London, in efforts to condense her clientele and make her practice more about quality over quantity. If you are a qualified individual with a passion for fine women, Amira would like you to call her.

Amira is very fit, as she works hard in the gym to tone her buttocks and thighs. Many elite escorts have the discovered the secret that fitness makes lingerie appear much better. Amira enjoys accentuating her breasts in lingerie, and is badly in need of a man to view her physique. Amira is an exhibitionist; she loves to show off and gets aroused by it, which in turn will arouse you if you’re in her company. She looks pretty in black, with her dark hair, smooth skin and lovely brown¬†eyes. Amira is flexible in that she will enjoy coffee, beer, or spirits with you. She is also flexible physically. Call Amira for an escort date in London, and she will be sure to impress you.