About Orel, Geneva Escort

Orel is an exotic model who has taken Geneva escort affairs by storm.

She is young, tall and slim with an attitude that excites her males peers. She is a legend in Geneva, as most gentlemen there privately fantasize about her while others brazenly try to proposition her. Orel is not known for being easy and she declines most dates that are offered to her. Orel is committed to her career- which is to provide intimate company and unforgettable experiences for her patrons. Her reputation in this regard is as sparkling as her diamond earrings. Orel has an apt sense for fashion and accessorizing; she is so well put-together than all men gay and straight take notice of her.

Orel’s French ethnicity adds to the attraction of her. Everything from her accent to her healthy, French features serve as a refreshing option to the typical Geneva escort experience. Gentlemen who have witnessed her beauty would trample over each other just to court her if they knew her profession. Luckily for you the secret is well-kept, and Orel can be an ideal Geneva girlfriend with your permission. Orel enjoys men she can trust, and although she is reluctant to give trust immediately, she will be extremely loyal when she does. Orel does prefer contact from a polite gentleman via Joy Models agency or Supermodel Escorts directory. Orel is career-driven and enjoys dates if they are arranged through suitable channels. Contact Orel to discover what an ideal Geneva escort truly is. Orel is available for both Geneva incall and outcall service.

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