ParkLaneGirls’ 10th Anniversary: Celebrating Professionalism and Glamour

ParkLaneGirls is one of not numerous companionship agencies in London that started paving its way in the adult services business a decade ago. It has now grown up into an experienced and professional escort model agency which enjoys the popularity and devotion of its clients. Today the agency celebrates its 10th anniversary with the chic and loftiness introducing its elegant model companions to haute monde of London and the whole world.

Cassandra - ParkLaneGirls

ParkLaneGirls’ 10th Anniversary:
Celebrating Professionalism and Glamour

The agency has won its respect rendering consistent and reliable services regardless of any pitfalls of the time. This is the place where one could feel and always feels a discerning care and a vital attention. Clients of ParkLane take pride in being part of this world of loftiness and fragility. Ce beau monde is only possible due to très belle elusive female models who eliminate the bounds between beauty and its accessibility. ParkLane girls are top high-steppers in London and considered fashion icons by everybody who meets them.

The agency provides access to the world of beaute and aims at making it closer to everyone who appreciates and values it. The array of London escorts is the best illustration of beauty and charm of women. These females are all based in London and are high qualified in arranging companionship for events that range from tête-à-tête meetings to corporate events, everyday nights out and holiday trips. The services rendered by London models of ParkLane are destined for different gentlemen. The agency has gathered the model girls who are professional at providing escorts’ services and are happy to spend time with their clients. Naturalness and eagerness of companionship rendered by London models are valued and appreciate by the agency’s permanent clients.


The agency ensures its clients with bringing stylish and elegant girls for any type of occasion. All the models who apply for the work at ParkLaneGirls are only recruited if they meet the highest standards – experience, professionalism, education, and appearance. All these features combined with charm, passionate and engaging personality make a perfect companion for the most demanding clients. Such escorts are by far the best sign of a gentleman’s status and rank.

The anniversary of ParkLaneGirls is not only the proof of popularity, credibility and high quality of its services. It is also the celebration of beauty, fragility, luxury, and style of the women’s world in London. If one is a person who likes dressing for the occasion, one should be necessarily introduced into the world of ParkLane agency to enjoy all its privileges and rewards.